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The Shop

The shop at Powdermills is a unique housewares shop which sells only hand-crafted products, of a quality normally found in a gallery. It sells the pots made on site by Joss Hibbs and a range of items which, although hand-crafted, are made for everyday use. The work for sale is made by thirty craft-makers who are either based around Dartmoor, or connected to Powdermills in some way.

The result is a unique range of housewares, made the traditional way, which would be a welcome addition to any home. Whether looking for fire-irons, a picnic basket, a chopping board or casserole dish, a hand-crafted one can be found at Powdermills.

Please note that the pottery has moved to winter hours - we are now open weekends 10.30am - 5pm. We are, however, still operating the Summer Teas menu so join us for s scrummy cream tea!

Craft-Makers at Powdermills

Craft-Makers at Powdermills

Work by the following craft-makers are sold at The Shop at Powdermills:-


Svend Bayer
Clive Bowen
Joss Hibbs
Carole Glover

Sue Murphy
Richard Fox
Steve Mason

Ian Strugnell

Trish Coady-Clements
Ana Morgan

Helena Bowen

James Kendrew

Green Shoes

Miriam Boy
Kath and Rebecca Beattie

Richard Glass

Seventh Wave Music

This isn't a complete list - new makers are joining us all the time - so please do pop in to see what new work is being added to the Powdermills range.